Conditions of Use

Cancellation Policy

A customer is entitled to cancel a transaction purchased under the Consumer Protection Law no later than 14 days from the date of purchase.

A customer who purchases a product and cancels a transaction will be charged 5% cancellation fee or 100 € , whichever is lower, and will be charged freight and other expenses

If the product is sent to the customer even if he has not received the actual product.

In addition, a customer who received the product must return it to the company / site warehouses in coordination with the site staff prior to approval of the cancellation of the transaction.

The product must be closed, in its original packaging, which has not been used! The package must be complete and intact! In any situation, transactions should not be canceled solely on the consumer's opinion,

And must wait for the approval of the site team.

In addition, the duty to return the product to the Company / supplier warehouses is solely for the customer. The SmartGift store shall not be responsible for and shall not bear any transportation costs of the returned product.

For the avoidance of doubt! Products used or opened can not be returned after use!

In the event of a malfunction, we are responsible for providing a solution and service through the service providers, and if necessary, replacing a defective product.


Privacy Statement

During the acquisition process, the customer's details are provided, as well as payment details for execution of the transaction. Payment details will be provided by telephone or through a purchase on the website or directly with the site staff.

The site team undertakes at all times to ensure the confidentiality and preservation of the details of the customer and payment details which will not be used for any purpose other than a means of purchasing the customer requested to provide these details.

The payment details are not saved in the system and undergo electronic shredding about 24 hours after delivery and purchase of the product. In addition, orders placed on the SmartGift website are secured by SSL protocol.



The products can be collected independently from the company / site warehouses in full coordination with the site staff. A customer who wishes to collect the product without transportation will not be charged the shipping cost determined for that product.

Products that will be collected by the customer without leading the company / site The responsibility for the transportation and the product itself applies to the customer The site team is not responsible for any product that was damaged due to incorrect transportation

Of the customer.


Delivery of promotional materials

The customer's consent to the terms of these regulations constitutes his consent to the delivery of advertisements under the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) Law (Amendment No. 40), 5768-2008 (hereinafter: "the Law").

It is hereby clarified that if the Client agrees to these terms, the Client may withdraw at any time from this Agreement, provided that he sends an orderly notice to discontinue delivery of this Content

The customer must complete an application form entitled "Remove from the mailing list".